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Why Use Free Office Search?

Free Office Search operates a comprehensive database of flexible office space throughout the UK and USA. We impartially find a tailor-made office that meets the needs of your client.

Don't discard those office space enquiries you thought were a waste of time - send them to Free Office Search and watch us earn you fees!

Free Office Search maintains client contact ensuring your share of the total fee for the entire term of occupancy and not just the initial period.

Our search engine facility instantly generates a report meeting the needs of your client. By making 'one and only one' call, you contact all locations suitable for your client. Don't just contact the most popular operators, scan our free database to find centres you never knew existed.

Eliminate time spent finding a serviced office for a client. Refer your retained or non-retained client to Free Office Search via freephone 0800 0 710 710, email or fax us a referral - and begin earning commissions instantly!

Track your commissions earned on our interactive website with your unique user ID and Password. No time spent calling or chasing payments due to you!

Reasons to Refer?

Free Office Search will send YOU £75 in vouchers once the deal is confirmed.

Earn fees for your company.

Offer your clients a quality, reliable, impartial and absolutely free service. Satisfied clients result in more business!

Free Office Search provides you with a 'One Stop Solution' to your clients' needs either via phone or web.
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